Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Things are good

Today Abby and I spent some time together alone.. It seems after the weekend with all the kids she and I just need some quiet time.. With out the noise and the CONSTANT movement lol

I had promised her her own room and today she scored.. Check out face book for the pics...She was so thrilled to have her own ideas come to fruition and it looks good.............. Ok Ok she copied the example, but still for her it ownership...

Owner ship is a funny thing we all like "it" but in different ways... I like ownership in my home it's my home, my things, things I want there...Matt has been so good. Matt could care less what I do to the house... It's just we are not going to be her long, maybe 2 years. We need more space and rooms for three teenage girls... so to spend a ton to get it perfect is not the best idea. Save the perfectness for when I build right .. building a hose will be a chore I KNOW!! but still Kim can at least hold my hand.

"Its" getting better for me I guess here in my city I don't think I will have ownership here ever... Especially out and about but at home with my family I can ...... Its all me and my life the way I live it at home.. Today I used my maiden name its feels right still..Abby, I think likes it.. But at the same time she will say her name is Abby D**** R******

I'm most comfortable at home these days It seems when I go out I get 1. digested 2. mad 3. dis heartened so for now I will go out to do what I need to but will stick close to home...

I have a girl appointment in the am with a new Dr. we will see how that goes...

7 weeks to Paris I cant wait!!!.....Any shopping ideas for me ??

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